In addition to the receiver, the remote is another important and necessary part of the shock collar. The receiver is mostly the same and varies mainly according to the type of battery that is used.

Contrary to this, there are several types of remote controls and accordingly vary their abilities but also the price. Three main characteristics according to differ the remotes are:

– Display

– The possibility of adding another collar

– The ability to adjust the level of vibration and electrostimulation


So, we will analyze advantages and disadvantages of the remotes that are commonly available on the market. First, we will divide them into two groups: remotes with display and remotes without display.


Remotes for shock collar with display


Dog training remote with the display

Remotes with the display are most common used. The display makes it easier to control the level of vibration and electrostimulation, as well as more clear insight into the selected mode (beep sound, vibration or electrostimulation) and state of battery charge. The most of remote from this group are designed to work with two collars at the same time. This means that allow the addition of new collar. For that matter, you can see on the display that collar is active. After the addition of new collar, the two collars can be used completely independent of each other.

Dog training remote with the large display



Beside to the universal remote model, there are differently designed models with a larger display. Although it has a better appearance, this model is uncomfortable to hold in hand for a long time. The functions are mostly identical.


Dog training remote with the small screen



Some models of remote with display include a too small screen at the expense of the command buttons. The main disadvantage of these models is that display is too disorganized and difficult to see.



Remotes for shock collar without display

Dog training remote without display


The simplest model of the remote without display contains only 4 control buttons: light on remote, beep sound, vibration, and electrostimulation. There is no ability to adjust the level and can only use non-rechargeable batteries. This model contains the basic features and it is very easy to use, which is recommended to use for beginners. It is scheduled for one collar, without the possibility of adding new.


Dog training remote without display for two dogsSome of the types of remote without display can be used for the two dogs. Contain 7 buttons: 6 of them are arranged in two rows, and a small button in the center. When you push the smaller button, the vibration is activated at both receivers simultaneously. The disadvantage of this model is the impossibility of separating the vibration for each collar and regulates the level of vibration. This means that when you press the button, vibrate two collars, which creates confusion for the dog who did not make a mistake. The remaining 6 buttons are numbered from 1 to 6. Buttons from 1 to 3 activate electrostimulation on one collar (1-low level, 2-medium level, 3-high level), and buttons from 4 to 6 do the same on the other collar (4-low level, 5-medium level, 6-high level). This model allows the addition of new collar (maximum two collars per remote).


Dog training remote with the circular regulation



Levels of vibration and electrostimulation can be regulated with the circular level regulator.