If you decide to train your dog using a dog training collar, the key question is when is the optimal time to start training? To understand the answer to this question we must analyze the relationship between puppy and his mother.

At the young age, the pet should not be distanced or separated from mom. At this time mother is the authority, controls puppy’s behavior and protects him from an attack of other pets. During the time, the puppy gets older and become able to determine what is good or wrong. Puppy becomes an adult when it learns to make ideal choices and be proactive. In addition, to forming a pattern of behavior, the puppy needs to mature physically.

Having in mind these facts, puppies who are generally six months old or less do not need dog training collars. Walking on a short leash, voice command or pull of your hand should do just fine. Electronic dog collars generally scare first time users away. Training a young pup can be a challenging and daunting process. Surely,  dog training collars are not appropriate for pups and younger dogs. Training a dog who is out of infancy can be even more difficult. For too old dogs rule is: “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. So, an ideal time to start train your dog using e-collars is between six and twelve months. With the right tips, training, and research, dog training can be a straightforward, pain-free and rewarding experience.

Time start using ecollar


Having a dog in your life should bring you joy, happiness, and companionship for many years. This is why it’s so important that you train your dog to the highest possible standard. Understandably, people can get frustrated when approaching dog training. This is why shock collars for dogs or training collars as they are better known are effective. There is so much information out there, unfortunately, much of it is contradictory.  This can be very confusing for you and your dog and may lead to failure. Find a plan that suits you and your dog, and stick to it.

Dog training is a specialized field, but there is absolutely no reason why you can’t do it yourself. All dogs are different. Some learn quickly, some take more time to achieve their full potential. It isn’t always easy, but with the right tools and or techniques, it’s something that can definitely be achieved at home, in a relatively short amount of time.

Compared to a puppy, an older dog is easier to train because it will respond better to commands. However, if you are welcoming an adult dog in your place, do not fret. Just use the rewards technique. If the old dog follows your training, always give it a pat and sometimes food treats.

At the end of this text, we would like one more underline: the electronics dog training collar should only be used on the dog if it is more than five to six months old. In addition to sufficient age, make sure the dog is big enough to carry the weight of the collar.