Command “Stay” is one of the basic commands that dogs teach on the basic course. It means that the place your pooch waits inside identical posture (seated, standing or resting) without moving a stride until this command will be executed. Mastering this action is a precondition for a more serious and harder training. This is next to the “Sit” command, the stay command usually comes next in teaching process. Nevertheless while using correct quantity of your practice and persistence, your mutt should have the full idea of this command.


Teaching command “Stay”

For the first few times, awaiting your pooch knows this command, you have to be in front of your dog. Place your hand before your dog as if insisting that to stop. Simultaneously utter relax in a resolute clear voice. Await a matter seconds first, whether it is the first time of teaching your dog to stay around three seconds will work, and after that resume her side than you can definitely say OK and allow your dog to move. Of course, after successfully completed task, reward and compliment for carrying out a good job. Repeat the total method numerous times on a daily basis and progressively enhance the time he stays and raises the gap between you and your dog.


Training a dog to stay


The next level of “Stay” training implies a slightly different approach. With your dog sitting at your left side, both of you facing in the same direction. A little upward tension on the collar should be applied, just enough to let him know the tension is there, but not enough to make him uncomfortable. Then say “Stay” and give the “Stay” signal (palm facing the dog, stopping in front of the dog’s nose, and then returning to your right side).

Take a step to the right, keeping the tension on the collar, count to ten, return to your dog’s side, release tension, praise him, and release your dog, taking several steps forward. After that, neatly fold your leash accordion-style into your left hand, and place it against your belt buckle, allowing one foot of slack. Say and signal “Stay,” and then place yourself one foot in front of your dog, keeping your left hand at your belt buckle and your right hand at your side, palm open, facing your dog.


When “Stay” means “Stop”

As you can conclude from the text above, unlike other commands, “Stay” does not require any action. Stay, stay, stay, staaaay!!! How many times your dog has begun to run away from you, and you have unsuccessfully tried to stop using this command? Dogs are curious and temperamental animals and they often attract the attention of a cat, bicyclist, child, the car in motion or a piece of food. If his intention to do so, you will difficult to stop it. To avoid such situations and troubles that may arise as a result of this, the dog must learn to respond to the command “Stop” and to stop immediately.

For this conflict situations, shock collar will ideal. Place the shock collar on your dog’s neck and when he starts to run or uncontrolled chase, a warning by sound or vibration. If he ignores these signs, use electrostimulation. And stubborn dogs will stop!


You need to comprehend that teaching your dog to stay just is not the simple job. Patience and time are definitely the keys to succeeding. Your approach in teaching your canine will significantly affect his progress. Do not forget that when teaching your dog to inflict instructions, constantly have a goody for him to ensure when he successfully does those commands you can be capable of presenting his a recompense understanding that would tell her that he has made something good.

When that you are done teaching your dog to stay and he has mastered this, you can have the likelihood to show of your canine to your friends whenever they visit. The most pleasing thing inside the world has a pet dog you could be proud of. Accordingly to patient teaching your dog and two of your will reap the huge benefits.