When you buy a remote training collar that is designed for one dog, and later there is a need to add one more collar with the receiver, and simultaneously train two dogs. Also, if you lose the collar with the receiver, you can buy a new one and use it with the old remote. To do this, you need to know the procedure to add a new receiver. Let’s go step by step!

How to add new dog training collar

The procedure of matching a new collar receiver to old remote in the manuals is called as programming or reprogramming. So, before you decide to take this, you must make sure that you meet the following two conditions:

  1. You must have a remote that is designed to train two dogs simultaneously. About the types of remotes, we wrote in our earlier post.
  2. You must have a receiver collar for the second dog. It is commonly labeled as Collar 2, or as Collar 1 if you lose a receiver. The new collar with the receiver you can purchase from Amazon online store.

If you meet these two conditions, before using the new collar for the first time, you have to program it to communicate with the transmitter.


Matching or programming the new collar receiver


Procedure to add new collarStep 1: Press the MODE button of remote for 5 to 10 seconds and the remote will be turned on. Mark receiver you wish to program using the button CHANNEL on the remote. Channel 1 means that the receiver collar that you add will be marked as Collar No1 in the future. If you already have a receiver collar, and add a new as a second, Channel 2 on the remote must be selected. In this case, the small icon with number 2 can be seen at the upper right of the remote display.



Turninig on receiver for dog trainingcollar



Step 2: Press and hold down the reset button on the new receiver for 5 seconds. The reset button on some models of the receiver looks like a usual button, but in other models, you have to press the button with a paper clip. While finish, you will hear a series ofLed indicator on reciver start to blink beep sounds and light on the receiver will start to blink next 20 seconds. When the series of beeps stops, you will not be able to program the receiver. Then repeat the steps from the beginning.




Matching a second dog training collar


Step 3: Within this 20 seconds, you must press Y button on remote immediately. After that, you can hear a beep sound again. It means that the second receiver is paired successfully. After programming new receiver collar will commonly communicate with the remote. Use the Collar 1 and Collar 2 buttons to select which collar you want to receive the signal. The display will indicate if the remote is set to send the signal to Collar 1 (Channel 1 is selected) or Collar 2 (Channel 2 is selected). You can switch from one collar to the other as needed.



If this does not happen as described, turn it on again and try the above steps.