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Procedure to add new collar

How to add a new dog training collar

When you buy a remote training collar that is designed for one dog, and later there is a need to add one more collar with the receiver, and simultaneously train two dogs. Also, if you lose the collar with the receiver, you can buy a new one and use it with the old remote. To […]

Stop aggressive behavior in dog

How to eliminate aggressive behavior in dog using training collar

Aggressive behavior in dogs is one of the largest and dangerous problems the owners encounter. If your dog attacks another dog or a man while walking, it can cause serious nuisance and even legal consequences for the owner. On the other hand, aggression is a natural and even necessary phenomenon. In order to eliminate unwanted […]

Whether to buy a waterproof or rainproof dog training collar

Most of the dog owners when purchasing dog training collar, don’t pay attention to whether dog training collars are waterproof or rainproof. On the other hand, sellers in their ads skillfully conceal this information. Although at first glance appear similar, these two characteristics of shock collars are significantly different. Let’s have a look! First, it […]

How to train a dog to fetch

How to train a dog to fetch

For most people, fetch is a synonym for dog training. Dogs and puppies actually bring back the ball, Frisbee, or stick just so you can throw it again. Fetch or retrieval is a natural instinct for dogs and they like to retrieve, or at least chase, a variety of objects, understanding this as a self-rewarding […]