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Time start using ecollar

Optimal time to start using the dog training collar

If you decide to train your dog using a dog training collar, the key question is when is the optimal time to start training? To understand the answer to this question we must analyze the relationship between puppy and his mother. At the young age, the pet should not be distanced or separated from mom. […]

Training a dog to stay

How to train a dog to stay

Command “Stay” is one of the basic commands that dogs teach on the basic course. It means that the place your pooch waits inside identical posture (seated, standing or resting) without moving a stride until this command will be executed. Mastering this action is a precondition for a more serious and harder training. This is […]

Is the range really that important for remote training collar?

Although the owners have no real need for a long range e-collar, its range is one of the main criteria for the selection of training collar. The market offers different models ranging from short-range (300 yards) to long range (more than 1000 yards). Long range remote collars are usually more expensive, and the owners are […]

Different types of remotes for training collars

Types of remote controls for shock collars

In addition to the receiver, the remote is another important and necessary part of the shock collar. The receiver is mostly the same and varies mainly according to the type of battery that is used. Contrary to this, there are several types of remote controls and accordingly vary their abilities but also the price. Three […]